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I was a ways into this costume before I decided to document it, but I think thereís plenty here.

These days Iím all about big hats. So when Alyssa decided to make Tallulah a mousie costume for the nutcracker, I had my opportunity. This hat was easier than most. I basically just made a sleeve around my traditional beer box form.

My tools, kindly loaned from Alyssa, include a fancy Brother that will thread the needle for you, cut the thread and sew button holes. Dang. Apart from the machine, my favorite tool is the razor blade pizza cutter. I hope I never need to pick up a pair of scissors again. The cutting pad and straight edge seem minor, but they were quality too and made cutting with the rollie feel satisfying. The workspace was seeing some busy times and had gotten a little cluttered.

By this point I had the basic form of the jacket together and some gold tape attached

Alyssa showed me a nice trick. After sewing the button thread, stick a needle through one end and use a seam ripper to cut the hole.

At this point I wanted to make a collar, and spent a little while on it. I cut, I ironed, I sewed and decided I had it on the wrong way, ripped the seams and sewed again. But it was totally the wrong collar type for the jacket I made. Oh well, I rocked it anyway.

My final jacket step was to hand sew on some gold rope on the shoulder pads. I struggled with how to make some pads but ended up just sewing double thickness red cloth on the shoulder.

Horribly short on time by this point, I did a sloppy shave and slathered on some face make-up while holding Tallulah in one arm.

In the end though, I think it was a hit. I even won best home-made costume at the party!

Props to Alyssa for making an amazing mousie costume for Tallulah and Tallulah for rocking it. While time constraints and a floppy wire frame kept Alyssa from finishing her sugar plum fairy wings her costume still turned out great.

Props also to Jamie, I mean, Brodie Lannister. I canít believe he cut up all those belts to make his jacket. Iím glad I got a picture of his boots which were pant legs cut off of a different color. And hereís his other half Cersei holding their Best Couples Costume Award!

And Iíll end with a family shot and one of our hosts Betelguisette serving dirty shirlies








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