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Brodie and I have been taking on a fermatation project. I wanted to dub ourselves brew brothers, but that was already taken so I went with the latin version Fratres Fermentatus For our first video I'm using my typical speed up trick to show off the blackberry wine process to the tune of Prison Wine by The Karmic Repair Company. Readings on the hydrometer were 1.126 when I added the sugar and 1.018 when it was done fermenting. I used the calculation (final-initial) * 131.25 to come up with 14.5%. We filled some odd bottles and had one that was only half full. We drank that one right away, and drank the biggest one a week later during Tallulah's birtday party. They say you should wait a couple of months, but since we have a few in the works we thought we'd try this one out early. I wasn't sure if I liked it after the first sip, but after a few I was digging it. I poured some in a jar for Grammy that wanted to try. She sent me an email, but it was to herself. Then she forwarded it to me with the subject in the text and this is what it said:

"I think the wine is delicious! I do like sweeter rather than dry. When I opened the jar, (it was hard to open!), it popped and when I removed the lid, I could see fumes! (Like steam!) It might be my imagination, but it seems to be stronger than purchased wine. A little makes me feel goood! Thank you so much! I'll happily taste all your homemade wines! Thanks again!"

Not bad for a first review! I asked Graham of Karmic Repair if it was OK I used his song and he told me:

"OMG honored!!!! You're members of the Company after all!!!! Love to all!!!"

Thanks Graham! He followed with this:

"Love you brother and miss you all. Oh... Sharon says our payment is some of your blackberry wine!!!!"

Fair enough Brother. We'll get you some!

Fun times with the wine. We have a youtube channel and even a tiktok!








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