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I'm pretty happy with how this board turned out. It may not seem like much but I'm proud of putting the code together for it. It's not super slick because it uses text input instead of screen input, but it was easier for me to code and there's a kinda retro feeel to it that I like. I built this board because I couldn't find a board that would let me try out moves on. My German friend at a conference declined to play large chess with me, but asked if I wanted to start up a correspondance game over email. I had been playing chess mostly on apps, but decided to go along with the email idea. We weren't allowed to ask a computer for the best move, but you could use a board to try out different move combinations. I think this is in the spirit of the agreement.

It works by typing in the moves in the input field below separated by the "|" symbol. Try the example below to see our current game.

Enter moves separated by "|". Try pasting in our game as of 1/22/17:

Current moves:

Epilogue: This design was modelled after from whom I borrowed the piece pngs which they borrowed from wikipedia. I used their colors (using photoshop to get hex codes) but that's it. That website is nice with a mouse, but not meant for a touch screen. Not that this site is great for a phone either, but at least you can review the input before you click. I gotta say, big chess was a lot of fun. Even after they turn out the lights at 9PM and three of you need to hold up flashlights to see the board. I recommend swinging the capturing piece at the piece being taken like a crochet mallet.

And if you're still reading then maybe you'll humor me to geek out a little bit about the code. When I say that I built the board I mean that I use javascript to draw one light brown color and then use two nested for loops to draw the dark brown colors. I built arrays with all the piece positions in x-y and pieces using the letter/number code and then change their position with each move. I'm always a little tickled when I build a snippet of code and it actually works, and I'm surprised that this came together so nicely.








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