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As a background to anyone stumbling onto this site for the first time: I started creating this site for my amatuerish comics during grad school.
Right now, I'm playing around with it some more to see what I can do with it
Edit 3/20/16: add Jamie and Barbi's Etsy page and stone scultupres fb page

OK, this might get a little messy while I figure out what the hey I'm doing with this website. But you know what websites always can use more of? Links!
To more websites. As far as this website goes, I've created a site that links all of the comic sites. Check it:

Site Map

Check out Alyssa's worpress site for her artwork
Alyssa's art

And her etsy page
Alyssa's Etsy

Her FB page
Alyssa's FB

Now for the funniest and most informative site I know right now
Brodie and Shannon's Travel Blog

I didn't realize how many family members of mine had one kind of site or another. Check out Jamie and Barbara's rad jewelry
Jamie and Barbara's fb site

They have a non-fb site I'm learning. It says under construction, but check it out anyway for the cool spinny flower of life gif Jamie and Barbara's non-fb site

And I forgot about the one where you can actually buy stuff. on their etsy page Jamie and Barbi's Etsy site

Here's Pop's work site
Official work site
fb site
Twitter site? didn't think it would be active but actually has some cool stuff

Mom's work site
Official work site
fb site
Twitter site was pretty active these past couple days

Father in law's site
Steve Snyder Stone Sculpture

anf fb site
Steve Snyder Stone Sculpture fb

Now for non-family
I'll just link out to a few of the comic sites that served as inspiration to me and made we realize how much I love webcomics
Although I don't check them much anymore, I used to start every day with coffee, a ricecake with nutbutter and raisins, and my webcomics
So enjoy these ones that I've enjoyed over the years

Always hilarious Dinosaur comics
Classic stick figure science inspired webcomics of xkcd
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Daily Comic and Awesome short videos

The three above were the essential webcomics for me, but the ones below were regulars too

Toothpaste for dinner. Funny, but sometimes not sharing my political views
Cat and Girl. Maybe a little emo. I enjoyed this one from time to time
The Perry Bible Fellowship. One of the best. JI would have listed it with the three above if it was currently producing comics when I was really into them
Nedroid. This is also a really good one

I'll leave it at that for now, but there are tons of good links for webcomics within any of those sites. So Explore!

And there's always Reddit
Reddit webcomics
And reddit comics








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